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  • You can participate in Safety Village as long as you are able to have safety experience and education program. Otherwise, please take part in K-SAFETY 2020
Stand Booking
Category Details
Provided Area 5m x 5m

※ pre-contact is required for extra options

Canopy(5mx5m) Table(180cm) Plastic Chairs
1 Canopy for 1 Stand 1 Table for 1 Stand 2 Chairs for 1 Stand
Additional Facilities
Category Details Cost(VAT excluded)
Electricity for equipment and illumination 220V/60Hz single phase supply 50,000₩/KW
220V/60Hz three phase supply 50,000₩/KW
380V/60Hz three phase supply 50,000₩/KW
24/7 220V three phase supply 100,000₩/KW
Compressed Air Standard 150,000₩/each
Plumbing Standard 150,000₩/each
Phone Domestic phone call 60,000₩/each
International phone call 150,000₩/each
Internet LAN Installation and fee included 150,000₩/Port
Additional Facilities Payment
Bank NH농협(NH nonghyup) Account Holder Account Number
KINTEX ((주) 킨텍스) Virtual account will be granted for each company