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Title K-SAFETY EXPO 2023
Date 2023.9.13(Wed) – 9.15(Fri)
Venue KINTEX Exhibition Center 2(Halls 7 and 8)
Hosted by
Programs Purchase Consultation (Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership), Export Consultation (KOTRA), Safety Experience Village, Safety Technology Award, K-Safety Awards
sponsor Korea Aviation Security Association, Korea Facilities maintenance association, Kosca, The Korea Housing Managers Association, KDPA, KOVA, SEOUL, Safetimes, Safetyin, KBIZ, KOCIC, KOrea Association of building Maintenance, Consolve, KICS, KOICA, KSDS, Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation, KDPA, Korea Federation of Health&Safety, KOITA, Keit, K.I.M.T.A, Korea Society of Fire Protection Professional Engineers, KFMA, korea Fire Facility Association, KSSA, Korea Energy management Engineering Association, KICS, KOSDI, KABMA, Korea Aggregate-Building Management Managers Association, The Korea Railway Association, KOHSIA, KATPA, KCMA, Safetyzone, KDAA
2023 Concurrent event EXHIBITION ITEMS